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2008-10-24 00:40:05 by Limesauce

choke on a fat dick.


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2008-10-24 01:14:12

hes not new u stupid fucking niger

Limesauce responds:

welcome to newgrounds :D



2008-10-27 19:48:55

I agree with the whole choke on a dick zero bombers... They need to go find a pit to hell and jump in it...


2008-11-06 14:06:05

I totally agree! They're so fucking annoying!


2008-11-10 18:36:19

what's a n****r?


2009-01-12 16:42:53

well - of course, you can't expect every song of yours to be on front page classical.

I was like this - but think to yourself

What would happen if every zero voter died? of course at first we would all be happy.
But then every song will be gettin 5'd and front pages (genre) would no longer be accurate.

Just focus on the majority of votes - and be patient
the longer the song is on - and the better, the more votes (high votes)
then the less 0's take off the score :-)

Just keep on trying - and act like you need to impress even the zero bombers
strive to be the best - and never give up, no matter what the score.
--#END OF LOG--//

Limesauce responds:

LOL it's not that important, man. you dug way too deep, but A for effort!


2009-01-12 16:43:42

front page classical xD
I meant front page any genre :)


2009-01-19 16:47:38

Is that meant to be discouraging?

Limesauce responds:

no it's supposed to be encouraging, dumbass.