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And it's not the first time either.
Let me show you something you don't want to see. Let me show you a world without rules, without boundaries. Let me show you a world without racquetball, without rackets. I'm talking about wall ball. The fundamental purpose of this game is to get laid. That's why real men play it, why women bow before us.
No wimp rules either. Everyone knows you rub your bouncy blue balls in a batch of poison ivy for seven hours before you play, let the oil coat well. This is how Hulk Hogan, Jessica Simpson, and Barack Obama play. They'll fuck you up if you're not looking.
They get laid 24/7 by exotic babes from parallel universes because that's how hardcore they are. It is common knowledge that the hue of Hulk Hogan's hair makes him invincible from God and dying combined. His strength is another story entirely.
Barack Obama once held the sky up for Atlas, when he went on vacation. I believe that was a little something called THE SUMMER OF LOVE, 1967. Yeah fuck Atlas, he can go on vacation anytime.
Jessica Simpson is hot.
But I'm talking about a measure of hotness.
What do they share in common? Diversity. They are all unique. They bring their own repertoire of moves and guns to the wall ball court, so no one game is the same. I remember one game Barack punched Jessica Simpson's eye out and ate it.
Another game, Hulk Hogan offered to use one his own genitals as the ball because they knocked the one they were using into a black hole.
But you wonder where they get this strength, that only parallels Beowulf's and Paul McCartney's?
1 million grams of pure energy in each one; but you wouldn't suspect this raw power lying under your nostrils, would you?
It's true.
So divulge yourselves. I mean indulge yourselves. You earned it. You're just a little Sasquatch waiting to make love to the world and you need my help. So there you have it.
Enjoy ;)


I just ate a booger.

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